Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

The Website

The website presents Neves & Battendieri’s institutional information, as well as contents related to its practice areas, provided that, under no circumstances, the information and contents provided on the website, including, but not limited to, news, articles and/or newsletters, shall be considered as provision of legal assistance, legal options and/or as any assistance or guidance of any nature whatsoever.

Therefore, Neves & Battendieri is not liable for any conduct and/or decision by users based on information or contents available on the website.


Information Precision

Neves & Battendieri: (i) does not guarantee the precision, completeness and/or update of any information or content available on the website, and shall not be liable for any action or omission due to or related to such information or content; and (ii) does not offer any guarantee over contents and information available on the website and/or regarding any action or omission due to such information and contents, directly or indirectly, as well as for any damages, even indirect, arising from any action or omission based on said information or contents.


Content Disclosure

Any and all contents available on the website, including, but not limited to, articles, newsletters and images, must not be disclosed, copied, made available and/or explored without prior express authorization from Neves & Battendieri.


Internet Connection and Access

Under no circumstances, Neves & Battendieri shall be liable for users’ internet connection, for technical suitability of devices used to access the website, as well as for damages of any nature, even indirect, regarding any users’ privacy and safety violation due to internet access.


Third Parties’ Website

Neves & Battendieri: (i) shall not be liable for any content published on third parties’ websites, even in case their links are made available on Neves & Battendieri’s website, and (ii) does not have any influence and/or interference over third parties, their conduct or over contents published by them.

Moreover, Neves & Battendieri clarifies that third parties’ websites are not bound to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy herein.


Users’ Data

Neves & Battendieri’s website does not use cookies and/or collect any user’s personal data during website access.


  • Generic data, which does not allow user’s identification, may be collected for statistical purposes; and
  • In case users willingly enroll themselves on the website to send their resume and/or to receive publications, the confidentiality over their data shall be kept, and such data shall be used solely for authorized Neves & Battendieri’s team members and service providers, exclusively for the purposes they were provided to and during the necessary period for the fulfillment of the purposes they’ve been provided to.

In case authorized service providers are outside Brazil, personal data provided by users shall be kept and/or used internationally, solely according to the conditions of the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy herein.

Users may request, at any time, the amendment or exclusion of their personal data, as well as any clarification about the gathering and storage of their data, by e-mail to [email protected].



Access to the website constitutes full and unlimited acceptance of the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy herein.



The Terms of Use and Privacy Policy herein may be unilaterally amended by Neves & Battendieri and the version in force shall be published on the website.


Third Party Service Providers

Third party service providers, in Brazil or abroad, hired to provide assistance to Neves & Battendieri’s website, shall comply with the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy herein.



In case any provision of the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy herein is considered null, annullable or unenforceable, pursuant to applicable legislation, the validity or enforceability of the remaining provisions herein shall not be affected.


Applicable Law

The Terms of Use and Privacy Policy herein shall be governed, interpreted and executed in accordance to Brazilian legislation.