Main segment of our firm, tax law is contemplated in its different nuances, being subdivided in two main areas: tax consulting and tax litigation.


We support our clients in all aspects of tax law, with highly specialized teams divided according to the nature of taxes, which may be direct or indirect, including customs duties.

Our professionals are fit to draft legal opinions, provide preventive consultancy and risk assessment, advise in procedures of compensation, restitution and refund of tax credits, obtention of special tax regimes, mapping of tax incentives, as well as to fulfill tax compliance rules.

With a consolidated performance in the advice and structuring of international transactions, we frequently work in highly complex transactions involving Brazil and other jurisdictions.

Additionally, we advise natural persons, including expatriates, in all aspects of tax law.


We conduct, in a tailor-made manner, from simplest to the most emblematic cases, with high complexity level, whether administrative or court proceedings.

Our clients are supported with the upmost diligence and technical excellency, what allows us to conduct their judicial and administrative proceedings (active and passive) in a completely personalized manner.